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  • Various products

    Various DNB Product portfolio offers and guarantees optimal starting point for your individual, punched piece. Choose from the standard products and let your special solution be developed. Your technical adviser is there to help you with his competence and expertise.

  • Splitting tapes made of polyethylene foam

    When it comes to joining coating for covering walls, floors and ceilings, the splitting tapes made of polyethylene foam have the adhesive tape on one side. They are used when coatings on walls and ceilings are joined.

  • Profiles for bathtub brims with protective foil

    DMB profile for bathtub brims is to be applied on bathtubs and shower tubs as well as EWhirlpools and prevents the transmission of the sound of water from the tub onto the wall. Besides this, the brim is optimally protected during the entire period of installation.


We are a new company and have made it our goal to provide you a comprehensive consulting and services in the field rolls, cut and stamped parts made of various materials. 

Standard products

We offer standard products and solutions at the customer's request in the areas of PE, PU, foam materials and technical adhesives.

Individual items/parts

In addition, we offer individual (by order) items/parts received punching (pallet) of different materialsin various industries: auto, construction, heating, ventilation and furniture.


As proof of quality, we are ISO 9001 certified. On this LINK you can look our certificates.

Why choose DMB?

Difference between us and others is in high quality of our products, reasonable prices, precision and accuracy.

In our team we have top professionals with a great experience and knowledge.

We own newest equipment and constantly trying to stay in touch with new technologies.